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Why did we create Ysé?

We design unpadded lingerie which naturally emphasises the shape of women with A, B, C, D and E cup breasts.

“We wanted to create lingerie to suit us: to reflect our femininity and our personality. Unpadded and refined whilst still delicate and feminine: our lingerie is beautifully sexy without ever being too much. On-trend lingerie, worn to be fashionable, which reveals both the natural beauty of the female form and that of our daily life and the world which surrounds us.” (Bérengère Lehembre et Clara Blocman, founders of Ysé).

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The design and manufacture of our products

Ysé’s lingerie is designed to be elegant. The Ysé founders and their team design and create models of the lingerie sets. Created in Calais lace, microfibre and silk crepe, the models are made of quality materials directly chosen from among our suppliers who are all based in Europe.

Ysé has developed its own design technique to create bras which are almost made-to-measure: unlike generalist brands which adapt bra sizes proportionally from a single prototype (often a 34C), we develop prototypes for each cup (A, B and C) which offer a closer fit around the bust, for every body type. This technique has allowed us to develop soft bras with underwiring but without padding which ensure optimal comfort and natural enhancement.

We never use moulded shells or padded foam. For certain models we use an extremely light foam (1.6mm thick) foam. This is then incorporated with a "cut and sewn" technique to make sure it fits the shape of the bust and does not gape. The curves created look perfectly natural and those of you who are not keen on transparent underwear can finally find the bra which best suits you!

Our products are manufactured in Morocco and Tunisia. If you want more information about the materials used, read the product description for the relevant item. You can also write to us at the following .

How do our collections work?

We create two seasonal lingerie collections every year:

- The Autumn/Winter collection, launched in August/September
- The Spring/Summer collection, launched in February/March

We also offer a permanent collection:

- The Best-Sellers: our favourite models, which we reproduce every season
- The Essentials: our basic collections, in terms of shapes and colour (black, nude, white)

We launch every year a swimwear collection in March/April.

During the season we might launch capsule collections so keep an eye out for them !

Where can you find our products?

Ysé’s collections are available:

- On our online store 
- in our Ysé stores, 117 rue Vieille du Temple and 2 rue Guichard in Paris, and 2 rue des Archers in Lyon
- in our retailers’ stores

Physical & online store

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