Our exceptionalfabrics

Our exceptional fabrics

Calais lace

Since the first days of Ysé, every season we are committed to create some products in Calais lace. Affinités secrètes, Le champ des possibles, Rêve éveillé... these are just some of the collections whose names echo our dream of working with a fabric that is as exceptional as Calais lace.

This lace, which is also known as « leavers lace », is woven in Calais on looms that are often two centuries old. Because of its unique way of weaving, the lace is incredibly detailed and so fine that it can be compared to handmade lace.

By using it in our creations, we are committed to keeping alive a unique skill that has been practiced for over 100 years by a small group of French lace manufacturers. Among them, we selected Noyon, a manufacturer based in Calais, with whom we have worked since the beginnings of our creative adventure.

We wanted to share with you, in pictures, words and music, some of the beauty involved in this exceptional French expertise. We hope you will enjoy this as much as we do. And now: let the magic begin!

Our exceptional fabrics

Woven jacquard

Woven jacquard is the story of threads. It's the sound of the looms at Croix Rouse in Lyon, the cradle of this two-hundred year old method of fabric making, which creates an incredibly complex weave of thousands of warp and weft threads (23,272). Warping (assembling the threads), knotting, weaving and finishing, each stage of the creation of this exceptional fabric requires meticulous work and absolute precision.

Woven jacquard offers an immense field of possibilities for raised designs. Herringbone, stripes, checks: whatever the designer wants is possible thanks to the large number of threads used on each loom.

When we created our first swimwear we wanted to use fabric that would make our most precious asset, our bodies, look their absolute best. And we really fell for this fabric, which until then had mostly only been used by luxury ready-to-wear brands.

Although its weaving technique is the reason woven jacquard is such an exceptional fabric, it was the feel of it that really inspired us.

And now, some pictures of this versatile fabric which, every season, allows us to offer you raised pattern swimwear that fits beautifully.