Le corps
à coeur

To please (yourself)

Together we share the most intimate of things: our bodies. This envelope which enfolds our life and all its ups and downs. Since 2012 Ysé has been creating collections to make our bodies look glorious, without cheating or tricks. Our lingerie: designs as beautiful as they are true to what you are, with no padding.

Designed by women, for all women up to cup E, Ysé wants you to be tender with yourself. To consider your body as a force that creates your beauty and your freedom. This gentleness is always in our thoughts and we hope with all our hearts that you feel it in our collections, our images, our words.

Our collections

Our collections

The good  :  perfect fit

An ideal fitting adapted to each cup size.

This desire to soothe and free the body is expressed in the care we give to the fit.

At first designed only for small cup sizes, Ysé now offers models in cups A, B, C, D and E. This strategy is the result of our imperative: to be able to offer designs, without padding or moulded cups, to different body types. So we tailor each prototype, in each cup size, to create a design that is as flattering as it is comfortable. That's why our designs are not quite the same in A cup as they are in E cup: we alter the proportions, the backs, the linings, the width of straps, so every one of you can be beautifully supported in a bra without padding.

The beautiful  :  our inspirations

The right  :  the desire to do things well

Quality guides each of our choices

Quality guides each of our choices: whether in the selection of our materials, the softness of our touch, the delicacy of our finishes, or the subtlety of our colours.

We try to produce responsibly, close to France. Calais lace, Austrian embroidery or Italian microfibre fabrics, our materials come from the most beautiful French and European manufacturers, and we go as far as Turkey to find the most suitable fabrics.

All our models are conceived and designed in Paris, then the fittings are perfected in France before they are manufactured in Morocco and Tunisia.

This system allows us to offer you high quality lingerie and swimsuits, for fair prices between €45 and €100.

of women

Ysé is a brand by women, for women


Laura, Daphne, Caroline, Charlotte... Ysé is a brand by women, for women. Around Clara, the founder, there is a small team of ten women, who are commited to the female body and a desire for excellence. We are all driven by the same dream: to continuously improve so you're always surprised and beautiful.

With our different body shapes and our different life experiences, we can share our innermost desires. We try all our products before offering them to you because we want to be as demanding about the products we sell as we are about the ones we wear.

Because we have taught ourselves everything we know, what we are offering you today is really what we do best, and we also firmly believe that tomorrow will be even more beautiful. The best is yet to be written, with you. A story of women, for women.


Ysé creates itself with you and for you.
Do you have something to say to us, an idea, a suggestion? Write to yse@yse-lingerie.com

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